Systematize visitor reception and card collection operations
to achieve both high security and labor saving
Visitor management system

How to manage visitors is a big issue when managing entrance / exit.
The human operation of “getting a visitor card and issuing an IC card” requires the storage of the accumulated visitor card, and it is not possible to quickly identify a person even when an incident occurs. In addition, you may forget to return your IC card. By systematizing the visitor reception work, we will strictly manage visitors and improve work efficiency.

QR code authentication

The system can be flexibly constructed as needed by issuing tickets with QR codes using a desktop printer or unattended reception terminal, or sending emails with QR code images attached. Strict visitor management is achieved by limiting the number of times and times of admission, such as one-time and one-day. When using a QR code, the collection of the admission card itself will be lost.

Card collection machine

A card reader is installed inside the card collection machine to authenticate the inserted IC card. By installing it on the exit side of the security gate, you can avoid forgetting to return the issued IC card.
The cards that have been thrown in can be collected at a time, making collection work more efficient.

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