Simple is beauty

Unigate S, which minimizes the shape, material, and color tone and realizes a linear and open design based on glass, perfectly blends with the entrance without disturbing the spatial expression.

Selectable flap colors

Depending on the design of the installation location, we offer two types of flaps: clear glass color and clear decoration with optional LED decoration.

Short lane body compact design

A compact design with a depth of 980mm is achieved through a thorough compact design. In addition, in the case of the standard passage width, it is possible to reduce not only the space but also the introduction cost by adopting a one-side drive / one-side flap configuration.

Single flap design (standard passage only)

For standard passage width (600mm), long flap (520mm) and short flap (410mm) can be selected. Long flaps are more difficult to slip through than short flaps, but the flaps protrude from the housing when the flaps are open.

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