Minimal design in harmony with space

A simple form that casually stands in a sophisticated space.
One beauty was born by condensing only the necessary functions and eliminating extra decorations.
In pursuit of simplicity, Unigate integrates with the entrance to create a security environment that allows users to pass comfortably.

Flap with safety and transparency

Adopted glass-colored acrylic flap for user safety. The transparent material and speedy and quiet opening and closing movements do not give the person a psychological pressure.

Simple beauty born from not decorating

The unigate, which has a linear and open design based on glass with minimal shape, material, and color tone, perfectly blends with the entrance without disturbing the spatial expression.
2009 Good Design Award winning product.

Structure of the drive that produces beauty

Kumahira's technical capabilities are combined to condense functions into a flat bar top plate and a cylindrical drive. Despite its minimal design, it maintains necessary and sufficient security performance.

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