RealYou™: Industry's First Dual Iris + Real Face Recognition System


Integrating our proprietary iris recognition technology, and IdenFace3™ engines originated from our highly acclaimed AccuFACE™ product line, RealYou™ series RUS-9000 is the first system in the market that can complete 3 factors of ocular identification in a single step.

Unlike traditional iris scanners, RUS-9000 can be operated comfortably at a comfortable distance. Simply look at the screen and face plus dual iris recognition are done instantly!

AccuFACE™ EFR-T3 Series


AccuFACER EFR-T3 – a brand new series of professional facial recognition system for your high-security applications.

EFR-T3 has advanced and innovative features that address the what you care the most – recognition accuracy, user height difference, compatibility, image log capacity, and ability to learn user face.

More importantly, with IdenFace3 and RealFX technology, EFR-T3 is the only facial system that you can trust to prevent 3D realistic mask and color/Infrared image hacking.

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